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Floral Tips and Trends for 2018!

traditional wedding bouquets

During our most recent Mia Grace Monday, we were lucky enough to have Kim from Stems Florist come into the shop to discuss the process of creating your bridal bouquet as well as floral trends for the upcoming year! We’ve put together all the wonderful tips and trends we received from Kim to assist you during one of the most crucial components of wedding planning!

Bridal Bouquet Trends - Fall 2018


The trending modern floral arrangement is an influenced European design that includes different textures and more flat elements. For example, Stems Florist has used roots from the flowers, deer antlers, and driftwood to add texture to the bouquet. The flat object, such as shells, can be used to outline the bouquet. The modern bouquet looks best with a more traditional bridal gown due to all the elements present in the floral design.

traditional wedding bouquets


Traditional bouquets are usually compact arrangements with exposed stems. This design can have many different features, such as greenery outlining the bouquet or maybe embellishments placed inside the flowers. Typically, the hand-tied bouquet can work with any bridal gown.


The combination of greens and flowers has become very popular for the boho bridal look! The greens create such a wonderful texture to such a romantic piece. Not only do these bouquets accent soft and whimsical wedding gowns, but they look fantastic when paired with a heavily embellished dress! The competing textures actually work well against each other.

Cascading Bridal Bouquet White Roses

Just Greens

A bouquet trend that is definitely on the rise this year is all greenery! Instead of complimenting the large leaves with bright flowers, combine them with bright greens to create a simple yet lush design. Many brides have also been pairing these bridal arrangements with tall green center pieces!


The most popular floral arrangement this year is the cascading bouquet. Although these bouquets can trail the floor, they typically do not. Pair this elegant design with a traditional or bohemian gown!


Rustic Cascading Bridal Bouquet burgundy

This floral design is more traditional, but still a very popular choice. This bouquet is fully opened and is outlined with larger leaves. The simplistic design work well with traditional wedding gowns.


A composite bouquet can vary in size, but is usually very compact. In the middle, there is one full rose. Deconstructed roses make up the rest of design. This type of bouquet is typically paired with a more fitted design, but can also work well with just about every other type of silhouette.

Popular Colors

Purple has always been a prominent color when it comes to creating a bridal bouquet. Within the past three years, blush has become more relevant. Blush is actually starting to transcend into a lavender blush and will continue to head towards a darker shade. Steel blue and multi-metal colors are more common now as well.

Popular Wedding Colors Bridal Bouquet 2018 St. Louis pastels

Popular Wedding Colors Bridal Bouquet 2018 St. Louis pink and purple

Bridal Bouquet Tips

When deciding on your bridal bouquet, there are a handful of things that need to be considered! Kim and Jenny, the mother and daughter duo who run this amazing shop, suggest starting with your bridal gown. The texture, the shape, and the color of your dress will set the tone for everything! Think about how the arrangement will accent your dress and avoid floral bouquets that interrupt your gown in any way.

Also, every bride has a draw whether it be a color or a flower that is significant to the family. Start with what inspires you and create a vision for your very special day that can be shared. Bring in pictures or share your wedding inspiration Pinterest board with your florist. To learn more about how Stems Florist walks their brides through the decision-making process, view the list below!

Stems Florist St. Louis

Stems Florist Process:

  1. Ask the who and where questions. Who will be in attendance? Where will the wedding be? Where will the reception be held? The environment, the theme, and the attendees are important pieces when it comes to creating your bouquet.

  2. Before considering your floral arrangements, say yes to the dress. Stems Florist will not meet with a bride until they have their bridal gown. Bring in a picture of your dress and at the very least, have your bridesmaids dress color picked out.

  3. Look at Pinterest boards and bring your inspiration ideas to your first appointment. Discuss in detail what you love and don’t forget to mention what you dislike. This information will guide your florist in the right direction!

  4. Talk about your budget. Although this is a sore subject, it is a major component to creating your bouquet. This will allow the floral designers to create an arrangement within your budget while also getting as close as they can to your complete vision.

  5. Stems Florist then will establish a proposal, which is available for two weeks.

More About Stems Florist

Over the past 15 years Stems Florist have been honored and privileged to create arrangements for nearly 2,000 brides, which they have done without repeating ANY of their gorgeous floral bouquets! Kim and her daughter, Jenny, are the owners of this wonderful shop and they are definitely some of the best in the business! Kim is the Marketing Director and Principal of Stems Florist while Jenny is the Design Director and Principal! Jenny has been in the floral industry for 18 years and is a Master Designer for the American Institute of Florist Design. She trains other floral shops not only in the US, but all around the world! Joe, Jenny’s husband, is an outstanding project and logistic manager who is also responsible for all of Stems' operations!

To view more floral designs created by Stems Florist and to hear more about floral trends and tips for Fall 2018, click here!

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