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Jane and Jerry: A Mia Grace Wedding

Today we get to share the wedding photos and love story of a very special bride and groom: Jane and Jerry. Jane is part of the Mia Grace team, and we are beyond excited to share her stunning wedding pictures and beautiful love story with all of you!

“Obviously, I wanted my dress from Mia Grace. I was putting away dresses one day, and the Cavanaugh was one of them, and I was like ... ‘this is my dress!’ HOWEVER, it was a size 6, and I knew if I tried it on, I would hate it. Madison and Mira told me it would be perfect, so we tried on a bridesmaid dress that looked similar and I bought it. I guess the moral of the story is I trusted their judgement and guidance so much and knew they wouldn’t put me in something that wasn’t flattering. I bought my wedding dress without trying it on!!!! It came in. And it was literally PERFECT in every way. Classic shape with updated lines that flattered my body. And then I saw the Drail cape and knew it was the perfect amount of ‘extra.’” - Jane

Love Story

Jane and Jerry met 15 years ago when he was DJ and Jane was a bartender at a club in The Loop. They were always friends, but both were with other people, so nothing happened. Flash forward to five years ago, they both were single, and Jerry asked Jane on a date to the Moonrise rooftop. From that moment forward, they were literally inseparable.

Jane and Jerry also fought a lot of demons and went through very challenging and life-altering changes together. They built a very special bond that only the two of them share. They’ve seen each other at their absolute worst and fought to become the people they are now for each other.

She Said Yes!

Right before Jerry proposed, Jane told the Mia Grace team that when Jerry proposed it would be when she least expected it. A few weeks later, he popped the question! Jane was baking Christmas cookies and was covered in flour. Jerry gave her an Apple Watch box as a Christmas present. When she opened it up, her gorgeous ring was inside!

A Perfect Wedding

Jane and Jerry’s wedding was originally planned for the Jewel box and Angad Arts Hotel rooftop- two of their favorite places that distinctly represent them. Due to the events of 2020, they changed their wedding to be in her parent’s backyard. The day of the wedding, they got all of their pictures done, and the moment they got the last shot, the cape shot, it started hardcore raining. Jane’s angel friends and mom moved the entire ceremony from the backyard to inside the house. It was warm, intimate, candle lit, and absolutely perfect.

“Moral of the story, and what Jerry and I said at the end of the day is, we couldn’t have planned a better day, sometimes the wedding you can’t plan for, ends up being your perfect wedding. The wedding we didn’t plan, and couldn’t plan, ended up becoming our dream wedding. I think from working in the industry and seeing so many people changing their plans, they actually find they like the downsized wedding better. It gives you a chance to focus on what is important and what the day is about. Marrying your soulmate. All the rest of the details don’t matter... they are nice, but when you don’t have them, and everything is stripped away, it may just end up being what you wanted all along... you just didn’t know it!” - Jane


Congratulations to Jane and Jerry on the beautiful wedding. We wish you all the love and happiness as you begin this exciting chapter together. Your Mia Grace family loves you both!


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