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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Cassie and Pete

Congratulations to Cassie and Pete on their gorgeous wedding! After a sweet love story and proposal, their wedding day turned out exactly how they wanted. We are excited to share their story and pictures with you!

"I am not your typical bride. I didn't want a wedding, my mom did. I didn't want a large party with a huge dress. I decided to first go to another bridal shop with very affordable dresses. I was put in a situation that made me break out in hives and leave my appointment from anxiety. I then took a referral and made an appointment at Mia Grace. From the moment I walked in I had my own space and time to look around. Nothing was pulled over my budget which was greatly appreciated. I was so happy to buy my dress with Mia Grace. It had pockets and I got so many compliments on being a "practical bride" all night." - Cassie

Love Story

Cassie and Pete met in college (Go Bears!) and started dating right after graduation. Pete had recently adopted his sister's cats, one of which included a 23 lbs. white cat named Calvin, and Cassie was intrigued. They moved back home in 2010 to St. Charles and began their careers. During that time, they discovered their love of travel and spent most of their time planning for their next destination! To keep Cassie from planning all mountain destination vacations, Pete started their vacation jar. The jar is full of at least one city in every state and Canada and they keep it on the shelf to draw from each year!

She Said Yes!

In December 2018, Pete popped the question. Pete decided that they should wait until December to decide their vacation destination for 2019. Cassie grabbed the jar and picked out a slip of paper to see that it read "surprise!" instead of a location while Pete got down on one knee!


Cassie and Pete's theme was black and white with a lot of greenery. Cassie loves plants so she wanted to incorporate some of that into the wedding. They wanted things to be fun! Their food was fun food stations and a large array of desserts to choose from! Everything turned out perfect and just the way they imagined!


Thank you to Cassie and Pete for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you all the happiness as you begin your new chapter together!


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