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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Hannah and Amer

Welcome to the love story of Hannah and Amer! This Mia Grace Bride said "I Do" to her happily ever after in Italy last year. We are ecstatic to share the gorgeous pictures we received from Hannah and Amer's wedding!

"My experience at Mia Grace was amazing. I loved being able to choose some dresses to try on but also having the associate recommend dresses. I also enjoyed the associate staying within the style and theme I wanted. Picking up my dress, the associate was nice as well."- Hannah 

Love Story 

Amer and Hannah are the real love story because these two high school sweethearts first started with a song, literally! Their love of music destined them together. Hannah met Amer when they were paired as stand partners in the school orchestra. Amer from the start was infatuated with Hannah. He made it his goal for them to become friends. After some time, the couple did become quite close. One day, Hannah and Amer had planned to see a movie. A mutual friend of the couple convinced both love birds that their movie plans were in fact a date. With the idea that their plans were a date at the forefront of both their minds, both Hannah and Amer decided to go with it! They held hands during the movie. An undeniably adorable sight. After their makeshift first date, Amer asked Hannah if she wanted to be his girlfriend. The rest is history! 

The Proposal 

Hannah and Amer's was a vacationer's dream. With the COVID-19 Pandemic causing so many national shutdowns and restrictions on travel all over the world, non-domestic vacation was unheard of. Lucky by fall of 2021, many restrictions were lifted! Hannah and Amer were so excited to travel again. The couple planned to go to a quaint and quiet resort in. The couple wanted to relax and unwind together before their lives picked up again! Hannah and Amer were relaxing on the balcony before dinner. Amer timidly started mentioning all his hopes for the future. Hannah, not knowing what was coming, started to share her plans and hopes also, calming Amer's nerves. The pair began to share what they loved about each other, how they never wanted to be apart, and their desire to grow old with one another. At the pinnacle of their confessions to one another Amer got down on one knee and proposed. The two had never been happier to have each other than at that moment.  


Hannah and Amer's wedding were an Italian fairy tale! The beautiful couple got married in Rome, Italy. Amer and Hannah felt that the Italian countryside Suited them and their day best. The setting is so dreamy, and they could not have asked for a better day. If the weather and the lighting were incredible, making their photos so breathtaking! Hannah and Amer were able to soak in every moment at their intimate Tuscan wedding.  

Hannah wore a gorgeous Allure Bridals wedding gown. A beautiful, clean ivory crepe gown. If the soft scoop neckline of the custom gown is not enough to sell you on this amazing wedding dress, the low tie back is a modern take on the classic dress. The low tie back was a detail that Hannah handpicked herself. Hannah looked nothing less than incredible. The gown looked more than perfect in the Tuscan sun, making their wedding album a real-life storybook. 


Thank you to Hannah and Amer for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together! 



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