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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Kaylie and Erin

We are excited to share the photos we received of Kaylie and Erin’s gorgeous wedding. These two beautiful brides said “I do” in a gorgeous elopement ceremony. We can’t wait to share their love story and gorgeous pictures with you!

“[Mia Grace] was amazing. My two visits were astonishing, and everyone was so kind and accepting.” -Kaylie

Love Story:

Kaylie and Erin met through a mutual friend. Kaylie flew across the country to meet up with this friend and fell in love with her bride. From the moment Kaylie met Erin, she knew she would change her life.. little did she know how much. Erin helped Kaylie become confident in who she is, and comfortable being ‘out’ to everyone she knows and loves. Erin is in the navy and until Kaylie finishes school, they are long distance. Kaylie travels whenever she can to see her!

She Said Yes!

Erin planned a surprise picnic under the Santa Monica Pier. She took Kaylie there to eat and had a photographer ready when she popped the question. That night, she took Kaylie to a fancy restaurant and then got a hotel for them on the beach. When the couple got to the hotel, Erin had her friends help set it up before they arrived. She had the words ‘I love you’ spelled out in tea light candles on the bed. There were candles and rose petals everywhere. The rose petals were extra special. Some were real and some fake. When Erin was deployed, Kaylie sent her a care package for Valentine’s Day. The rose petals Kaylie included in the care package were the same ones Erin used for the proposal!


Kaylie and Erin’s elopement was a hike on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Even though they both fell a couple times in the mud, it was definitely worth it! The hike with just for Kaylie, Erin, the photographer, and Kaylie’s brother who had her two-year-old niece strapped to his back. They wanted a simple elopement before Erin deploys again later this year. It was beautiful and romantic. Having just the two of them made the day so much more fun and less stressful. The couple was able to focus on just the two of them, instead of everyone else.


Ceremony Venue: Ho Chi Minh Trail in San Diego

Photographer: Live. Love. Elope.

Thank you to Kaylie and Erin for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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