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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Sarah and Nick

Congratulations to Sarah and Nick on their gorgeous wedding! Their love story comes full circle. After meeting and getting engaged at St. Louis University, Sarah and Nick tied the knot in the spot that started it all! We can’t wait to share their beautiful love story and photos with you

“I knew when we got engaged that I wanted to get my dress at Mia Grace Bridal. My best friend got our bridesmaid dresses from there and I had a great experience. I had fallen in love with a Morilee gown, which happened to be the dress that I purchased! I knew the second I saw it that it was my dress. My entourage and stylist encouraged me to try on other styles first, but I knew this was the one! Fifteen minutes into my appointment, I put the dress on and said yes to the dress!” - Sarah

Love Story

Nick and Sarah met in August 2016 on move-in day for the newest freshman class at Saint Louis University (SLU). Nick was a Resident Advisor at Reinert Hall where Sarah volunteered as part of the Oriflamme orientation and move-in team. Nick and Sarah's initial interactions were strictly business and limited to Sarah asking for Nick's help fitting heavy boxes through elevator doors. At the time, Nick thought she was flirting, but once he got to know Sarah he realized that in actuality she has terrible depth perception.

Nick asked Sarah out in November 2016 and Sarah suggested they make tacos in her apartment, which ended up being their first date. On the second date, they went out to dinner at what later became their go-to restaurant, The Fountain on Locust. When delivering the check on that second date, the waiter said that the two of them make a really great couple - they started dating the very next day.

In Summer of 2017, Nick backpacked across Europe. He sent Sarah a postcard from every place that he visited, and Sarah kept a journal where she wrote Nick little letters each day he was gone to give to him when he returned. The rest of undergrad was full of cooking date nights, sorority formals, study dates, and exploring St. Louis. They both graduated undergrad in 2019 and with their graduate programs in 2021.

Proposal In August 2019, three years after they met, Nick proposed to Sarah at the place it all began: SLU. The proposal came after a dinner at The Fountain on Locust on a walk through SLU's campus. Afterwards, Nick surprised Sarah with a party at a Sasha's on Shaw with all their friends.


Thank you to Sarah and Nick for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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