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Allure Bridals

Allure Bridals is one of the most well known and popular wedding manufacturers in the industry. Allure Bridals pursues excellence in design and irreproachable craftsmanship to create a gown worthy of a bride’s most important day.  The trend setting designs blend rich fabrics like satin and lace with decadent beading and detailing, while offering the comfort of Allure’s patented construction.  Allure Bridals believes in the details—beading, floral appliqués, dramatic backs, and perfect draping.  Every gown features details to set it apart and make the bride shine. 


Allure Bridals Website

A few of our Allure Bridals favorites

A few of our Allure Romance favorites

Allure Romance

Allure Romance is all about lace and ball gowns, incorporating subtle silhouettes with soft, feminine elements for a collection that truly captures the meaning of its name: romance.  Exquisite gowns for the soft, romantic, feminine bride.  The Romance collection offers the same beautiful detailing and patented construction that has made the Allure line one of the best selling bridal lines in the industry.

Allure Romance Website

Allure Couture

Allure Couture wants to “Bring the Drama” to a bride’s wedding dress style.  From dramatic beading to intricate appliques, lush fabrics and flattering silhouettes Allure Couture gowns will make a bride look and feel glamorous! Every gown features intricate details to set it apart and make the bride shine. Beaded lace, English net and rich satin compose gowns that are nothing but glamorous. 

Allure Couture Website

A few of our Allure Couture favorites

A few of our Abella favorites


Grounded in European design and inspired by balletic, ethereal silhouettes, the Abella Bride collection is an elegant and unique addition to the Allure Bridals brand family. The Abella collection is undeniably elegant — with designs pairing restrained bridal beauty with touches of glimmering opulence. A marriage of luxurious textiles, striking bodice detailing and the collection’s trademark sensuality ensure a stunning walk down the aisle. 

Abella Website

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