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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Shaina and Collin

We cannot get over how stunning the photographs are from Shaina and Collin’s beautiful destination wedding! Although the scenery was absolutely breathtaking, Shaina was definitely the star of the show! We are so excited to share their love story with our Mia Grace Bridal followers and we are so glad we could be a part of such a special occasion!

“My Mia Grace Bridal experience could not have been better. I actually found my dream wedding dress while shopping in Michigan with family, but knew that logistically it would be challenging to purchase a dress so far away. So upon returning to St. Louis, I did some research and found that Mia Grace was the only bridal salon in the St. Louis area that carried the designer of my dress (Kitty Chen Couture) and I was thrilled! I called them, made an appointment and worked with Madison. She was so warm and personable and made ordering a breeze. I never knew I could be so obsessed with a piece of clothing!” – Shaina

Their Love Story

Shaina and Collin met in 2005 since both of them were in scouting organizations at neighboring high schools! They met while planning for a month-long trip to Ireland, Scotland and England for that summer. They became really good friends as the summer progressed and they remained close when they returned as well. Shaina and Collin eventually started dating on December 19th, 2005. They both attended the University of Michigan and shared a love for that school that rivals their love for one another. Shaina and Collin recognized that they needed to learn to be adults on their one so that they could be better adults together, so they paused their relationship for a year in 2010. Collin the moved to Lake Tahoe and she moved to St. Louis, but they never lost contact. In 2013, Collin joined Shaina in St. Louis, where they have since built a wonderful home together.

The Proposal

On Christmas Day 2016, surrounded by her family and in the very same living room in which her dad had proposed to her mom 30 years prior, Collin prepared to pop the question. Under the guise of “oh, I forgot one more present for you,” Collin pulled a small box out of the tree, and asked Shaina to marry him! She said yes, of course!

A Dream Destination Wedding

On June 9th, Shaina and Collin celebrated their union at the Watervale Inn in Michigan surrounded by their closest friends and family! The Watervale Inn is an old logging camp that has been converted into summer vacation homes and it sits perfectly between Lake Michigan and a smaller inland lake! This lovely couple joked that they wanted the perfect combination of Gatsby and Dirty Dancing. They decided on very natural colors so they would not distract from the natural beauty of their venue! This location is also very intimate with all the guests staying in lake houses on the property, so the entire Watervale Inn is yours for the special occasion. Shaina and Collin incorporated unique elements into their wedding so that people had activities to do all day long! It really is a magical part of the world and these newlyweds cannot wait to take their family there for the years to come. Shaina looked absolutely stunning in the Ivana from Kitty Chen Couture, which features a sheer illusion neckline and beautiful symmetrical designs throughout the entire gown! This amazing fitted sheath also features an intricate illusion back and a flawless scalloped hemline. Their gorgeous wedding day was created through the hard work from the following vendors:

Thank you so much Shaina and Collin for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal help make your wedding day a dream come true!

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