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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Marissa and Jacob

Yet another gorgeous wedding! We are so excited about these beautiful photographs from Marissa and Jacob’s very special day and we are thrilled to share them with the bridal world!

Their Love Story

Marissa and Jacob met in high school through mutual friends. They were friends for a year before they started dating. She always thought he was cute, but he was dating someone else at the time. She also never though he’d be interested in her, so they were just friends that hung out in a group. Their group liked to be rowdy and they would all pile in a truck and head down to a farm right behind their school to go mudding or do donuts in a field! She had gotten in a four-wheeling accident, which lead everyone to be protective her and that included Jake. She thought he was just being dumb, but it turns out he was flirting with her. Marissa was completely oblivious to it for weeks until one night at a football game, Jake grabbed her hand. Then 2 days later at an FFA event, he kissed her! Jake didn’t officially “ask her out” until a week later because he was nervous! When he asked Marissa, she was nervous and told him no! She laughed but told him yes right after that! At that point in high school, its usually just a fling and she knew that. She didn’t really think it would last long, especially since they hung out mostly when it was just the group. Two months went by and she fell in love with him. She actually knew she would marry him some day. She had never had those feelings or thoughts about anyone before. She had this “comfortable” feeling with him, but she never told him because it was two months in. Marissa knew that wasn’t where his mind was and she didn’t want to scare him away. Before you know it, they had spent a year together. Then three, and then five and now they have been together eight years. They have hit some very hard times; things that usually break couples up. Marissa and Jake stuck it out, fixed their problems and kept going! Marissa couldn’t imagine her life with anyone else. Jake is her person to stumble through life with!

The Proposal

It was almost 7 years into their relationship when Jake proposed to Marissa! He had actually just gotten back surgery the month prior to proposing. Marissa always adds this detail because this is the reason he said he decided to finally propose. He went and bought my ring on a Monday (she had not a clue) and he picked it up Friday night. Randomly, at 7 at night, he wanted to go to her parent’s house to "hang out". Weird. Marissa’s dad wasn't there, but her mom was and when she went to the bathroom, they got quiet and then she hears her mom squeal. Marissa came out and their both looking at her funny. She knew something was up. They left her parent’s house and went to a close friend’s house and Marissa told our friend's grandma that she knew something was up and she was going to start snooping. Grandma told their friend that when they left, so their friend told Jake to do it quick because Marissa was going to snoop. The next day they go out with her parents for the day and get home in the evening. They’re outside sitting on the porch (9:30 at night) and Marissa made a comment about not being married yet relating to something they were talking about. He gets down on one knee and said "well will you marry me then?" And she told him to shut up and get up. Because he has faked asking her to marry him before because he thinks its funny. So she didn't think it was serious. Until he didn’t get up and she saw the ring. Then Marissa freaked out and kept saying "are you serious?" She just hugged him and didn't answer him! He asked if that meant yes, which it was obviously!

A Dream Come True

On October 6th, Marissa and Jake celebrated their union at Heartland Farms surrounded by their closest friends and family! Their wedding theme was country/rustic! It was a fall wedding, so the decorations were fall colors! It was a very elegant country wedding and Marissa absolutely loved how it turned out! Marissa and her mother made everything for the wedding. They created the centerpieces, bouquets, backdrops, signs, etc. Her dad helped as well by making the bar doors and the arbor! Marissa looked so beautiful in her wedding gown from Allure Bridals! This amazing design features lovely lace covering the bodice and a sheer illusion back! She also wore a beautiful scalloped edge veil from Giselle to complete her bridal look! Their wonderful wedding was created through the hard work from the following vendors:

  • Photographer: Digital Productions

  • Videographer: Kyler Richardson

  • Hairstylist: Sarah Malinda

  • Makeup Artist: Kayla Noel

Thank you so much Marissa and Jake for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal help make your wedding day a dream come true!

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