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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Abigail and Eric

We are so excited to share the wonderful photographs we received from Abigail and Eric's very special day! Their elegant summer wedding was captured so beautifully and we are thrilled that we get the opportunity to share their love story with the Mia Grace Bridal family!

St Louis Wedding Morilee Wedding Dress

“I had a wonderful experience at Mia Grace. They truly listened to my wants and needs. It was almost difficult because every dress they pulled for me to try on, I loved. I ended up with a dress that gave me to separate looks. It has a detachable skirt/train that I wore for the ceremony that gave me the "princessy" feeling. For the reception, I took the train off and the dress was now a more mermaid fit that was so easy to dance in. I loved that I had the best of both worlds. Finding my wedding dress at Mia Grace was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning and I will forever cherish the memories that I made there with all of my bridesmaids and family members.” – Abigail

Their Love Story

Eric and Abigail met in college. Her freshman roommate was dating Eric's roommate at the time, so they came up with a plan to get us together. It worked! We had less than a year together before Eric got stationed in Pensacola Florida to complete his Air Force training. We have been doing the whole long distance thing for the last 2 years and still have 1.5 more years to go. However, all of the tearful goodbyes in airports have been so worth it.

The Proposal

I had a few days off from school, so Eric insisted that I book a flight to Florida. A few days later, I stepped onto the full plane. An older couple who was sitting in the first row of seats grabbed me. They offered me the window seat, so of course I accepted the offer. A window seat, extra leg room, and sitting in the first row? The weekend was already off to a great start. The couple and I chatted most of the flight until we landed in Houston where my connecting flight was. Before exiting, I asked them where they were heading. Surprisingly, they were also heading to Pensacola and sure enough, they saved me a window seat on the connecting flight as well. It was on this flight that the lady told me I was getting engaged that weekend. I laughed and said no way. Remember, I do not know this woman from Adam. Why would she think that? She kept insisting that she just had a feeling. The flight was quick and before I knew it, I was landing in the sunshine state.​That Friday, January 26th, 2018, Eric had a full day planned for us. We started off with brunch at our favorite coffee/crepe place. We then walked around downtown Pensacola. This is when I started to wonder if something was up. Eric kept checking his watch and his phone. At one point, I even grabbed his pocket to see if he was holding on to a ring box. After we shopped around downtown, we went to the local art museum. We were surprised to find out that they were displaying all of the local elementary school students' artwork. We were surrounded the whole time by hundreds of children all admiring their own artwork. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Before I knew it, it was getting closer to dinner time. Eric was adamant that we should go walk along the trail that was located by the water on the base. He wanted to catch the sunset before dinner. This is when I really knew something was up. Upon arrival, Eric became really quiet. We had only begun our walk when I noticed two girls staring at us. Well that's weird, I thought to myself. As we continued to walk, I saw a guy hiding in a tree photographing us. I pointed him out to Eric, however, Eric told me that I was being crazy and he wasn't taking pictures of us. We took a few more steps before Eric got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!!! I was so in shock. As soon as Eric arose to give me a hug, the "retreat" song began to play. Just a little insight for those of you who do not have any military experience, the flag is lowered at this time and military members must stand at attention. There I stood, recently engaged, and wanting nothing more than to jump into Eric's arms. However, I remained calm until the retreat song was finished and the flag was lowered. I joke and say that it was during this moment that I officially became a future military spouse. We finished the night with dinner at one of our favorite Irish pubs. Just like it always does, the weekend went by too fast. Before I knew it, Eric and I were having to say the goodbyes that we always dread. As I approached my gate, I noticed the same couple sitting there that I had flown with on the way down. I ran up to her and showed her my ring. She got up and gave me the biggest hug. She exclaimed, "I told you so." I sat with them on both flights back to Saint Louis. To my surprise, the couple also let the flight attendants know that I got engaged. As soon as my flight landed, an announcement was made on the plane congratulating me on my recent engagement. I am one lucky girl!​

A Dream Come True

On August 3rd, Abigail and Scott celebrated their very special day with a truly elegant summer wedding. Their wedding was decorated with lots of greenery, different shades of pink, and accents of gold. Since Eric is in the military they incorporated the Air Force as much as possible with their music selections, air plane seating chart, and more. The most important thing to them was having a fun day together. We wanted a wedding full of dancing and laughter, and that is what they got!

Their beautiful ceremony was held at the St. Francis Xavier College Church and they danced the night away with their loving friends and family at the Neo on Locust! Abigail looked radiant in the Luciana wedding dress from Morilee by Madeline Gardner. This beautiful cap sleeve designer wedding dress features stunning beading, lace, and appliquès on an intricately designed lace. The off the shoulder neckline completes the fit and flare silhouette and the removable train makes it two dresses in one! She also wore delicate ivory veil from Berger Collection to complete her bridal look! Their wonderful wedding was created through the hard work from the following vendors:

Thank you so much Abigail and Scott for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal help make your wedding day a dream come true!

St Louis Wedding Morilee Wedding Dress
St Louis Wedding Morilee Wedding Dress

St Louis Wedding Morilee Wedding Dress