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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Abby and John

Congratulations to Abby and John on their gorgeous wedding! The love between these two is undeniable. We are ecstatic to share their beautiful love story and pictures with you!

“Mia Grace was a dream! I felt just like Cinderella! My stylist was so sweet and took the time to really get to know me and my vision. They were so helpful and understanding as we figured out what our wedding would be like amidst this crazy year!” - Abby

Love Story

Abby and John’s story is absolutely beautiful.

Before they began dating, John drowned in Lake St. Louis and was dead for over an hour. He was brought back to life by a miracle from God and made a complete recovery.

John’s schedule his 8th-grade year had to be rearranged to accommodate him, and that’s when he met Abby. John’s new schedule gave the two an opportunity to become friends, and by the end of their freshman year of high school, they were dating!

Abby and John dated all through high school and experienced some really amazing things together! A movie was made about the miracle in John’s life, so they were able to travel and share of God’s work in John’s life and even went to the movie premiere in LA!

Abby and John tried to have a typical high school relationship by going to dances, football games, and youth group. However, the circumstances they were in made them grow up really fast. They endured so much together while they dated 4 1/2 years, which only strengthened their love for each other and confirmed that they wanted to have each other through every mountain and valley in this life!


John bought the ring almost two years before proposing to Abby. He told her it was hidden somewhere in his house, and whenever she asked him why he bought it so far in advance he'd say, "Who knows, maybe I'll get down on one knee right now…"

Abby knew once they graduated high school it was fair game. Abby and John decided they wanted to be married by the end of 2020, so the whole summer Abby waited and nothing happened. Eventually, it was time for them to move to Minnesota for school, and John said he wanted their family to be around when they got engaged. So, every time they came home for a trip, Abby made sure to have her nails done!

It was nearing the end of Christmas break, and Abby was trying to not get her hopes up because John only had one day left in town before he would have to leave for a work trip. He asked Abby on a lunch date. After lunch, John walked Abby back to her car, said he loved her, and he would see her Sunday morning for their flight back to school. Abby was disappointed.

Once Abby got home, her mom asked Abby to join her on some errands she needed to run, but first, she needed to drop her little brother off at basketball practice. They pulled up to the high school where John and Abby had graduated from, and Abby noticed the parking lot was empty.

As she walked up to the door, one of the teachers John and Abby are both close to asked her to help get something out of the car. She opened the side entrance door, and there was John. He was surrounded by strung up lights with pictures of their time together hung up everywhere, and he proposed to Abby in the exact spot where they had their first kiss. It was perfect!

When Abby and John got back to Abby’s house both of their families and high school friends were there to celebrate with them! It was the most thoughtful and beautiful night! It is one they will never forget.


Abby and John’s wedding was all about natural beauty! All of their decor was made of beautiful florals and greenery. They were married on the bluffs overlooking the river and fall leaves! With an array of beautiful, muted colors they really tried to embrace an elegant autumn feel.

Their wedding day arrived quickly and now they are two and a half weeks into married life and they couldn’t be happier! Abby and John just became puppy parents to their little Cockapoo, Belle, and moved into their first home!


Thank you to Abby and John for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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