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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Brooke and Hunter

Congratulations to Brooke and Hunter on their happily ever after! After building a relationship as best friends, these two said "I Do" in the perfect winter wedding! We are excited to share their beautiful love story, proposal, and wedding photos with you.

“I had so much fun trying on dresses with my support system! The stylists helped me try on dresses that fit my style I was looking for. When I came to pick up the dress, the stylist helped me pick out the perfect veil to go with my dress. My wedding dreams became a reality!” - Brooke

Love Story

Brooke and Hunter met at a tailgate on Halloween in 2015. At the time, their sorority and fraternity were paired for Homecoming. The two instantly became best friends, however Hunter had a different end goal in mind along with all of their friends. Anytime they would post a picture together, everyone would comment "D8" or "Team McPheetry."

The Petry and McPhee families were also in on this. Hunter's mom would constantly ask him when they were going to date. On Parents Weekend that November, Hunter said he wanted to meet Brooke’s family. So, her family's game plan was to meet him and then go walk around the tailgate. Hunter spent the entire day with Brooke’s family, even more than her, and came to dinner that evening. He instantly won over Brooke’s parents and brother!


Hunter bought a house during Covid, so the couple put a hold on having a housewarming party until August 2nd, 2020. What Brooke thought was a housewarming party, was actually their engagement party.

About an hour into the party, Hunter said they needed to go out on the driveway to thank everyone for coming. As he was thanking everyone, he said "I think we should tell Brooke why we are really here." Brooke’s heart dropped and she looked at Hunter as he was getting down on a knee, sobbing. He actually forgot to ask Brooke to marry him, and her Aunt Tammy had to yell, "Did he ask you?!" They started laughing while both sobbing, and then he asked Brooke to marry him. As he was putting the ring on, Bella (their dog) came flying over. She was just as excited as they were!


Brooke and Hunter’s wedding was "wintry." They had hints of snowflakes around the venue and the sparkles in the veil was the icing on the cake!


Thank you to Brooke and Hunter for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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