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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Cynthia and Oliver

Welcome to the love story of Cynthia and Oliver! This Mia Grace Bride said "I Do" to her happily ever earlier this year. We are ecstatic to share the gorgeous pictures we received from Cynthia and Oliver's wedding!

"Mia Grace was the 2nd out of 3 bridal salons I visited. The selection of dresses WOW'ed me compared to the other 2 stores I visited.

Diane Glass was my consultant, and she was lovely to work with. She listened to what I was looking for and adjusted according to my feedback with each dress, and she respected my budget. I liked that Mia Grace was a full-service salon, and that I was helped into and out of the dresses. The clips also helped the dress sit better and make my waist look snatched.

The dress I ended up liking the most ended up being one that was suggested by another consultant, and it was a little above my budget, which Diane apologized for putting me into a dress before checking the price tag. I was offered a discount so that it brought the dress back into the budget I had initially stated. I was offered the sample dress at an even lower price, which was very tempting. Diane helped weigh the pros and cons of the sample dress which helped me decide to move away from purchasing the sample.

I knew I wanted to have at least an evening to sit on the decision and look at pictures of myself in the dresses I had tried on. I liked that I was never pressured into making a purchase right then and there. I came back for a 2nd appointment about a week later and bought the dress.

I also bought my veil at Mia Grace, and I was between a fingertip length veil and cathedral length veil. Although I really wanted to like the cathedral length veil for the drama, it felt like it pulled on my head and caused my neck to be stiff-- Diane seemed to sense this and asked if I was more comfortable in the fingertip length veil. I liked how perceptive she was and that she didn't necessarily drive me towards the cathedral length one even though she admitted she was partial to cathedral length veils. I ended up getting the fingertip length one."- Cynthia

Love Story & Proposal

Early one morning at a rock climbing gym, Oliver and Cynthia were introduced to each other by a mutual friend they had met through grad school and work. There were few words exchanged between the two acquaintances — just some stolen glances, but nothing more.

Seven months later, the pair reunited over a Zoom call for another mutual friend's birthday. Unbeknownst to Cynthia, their two mutual friends had been encouraging Oliver to speak to her. Despite being in different states - Oliver in Maryland and Cynthia over 800 miles away in Missouri - the distance did not hinder their conversation.

It was actually online games that brought Oliver and Cynthia together. Their connection grew as they played video games online, achieving 4-starred levels in Overcooked on their first attempt— a clear indication of their compatibility. Collaborating, they established a farm in Stardew Valley called Laputa, a nod to their shared love for Studio Ghibli. Their late-night gaming sessions were filled with joy and eagerness, eagerly looking forward to each new day to chat and play together.

About three months later, Oliver moved back to St. Louis. He and Cynthia saw each other for the first time in person since they’d met nearly a year ago. It was at this moment they agreed to be exclusive and started dating officially!

The Proposal

In October 2022, Oliver proposed to Cynthia in a personalized escape room filled with references to their relationship. The room featured details like using Cynthia's birthday as a lock combination, their anniversary as another, and puzzles based on games and places they had shared experiences in. Oliver involved the two friends who introduced them to participate in the escape room. The outcome of the puzzle was unknown to everyone, including Oliver, who knew that the final clue would reveal the location of the ring inside a locked black box on a desk. The success of the escape room was crucial for the proposal to happen, adding tension to the experience. Cynthia grew increasingly suspicious as she found herself directly involved in solving the puzzles. During a key moment, a key that wasn't meant for the box on the desk surprisingly opened it, revealing the ring box to Cynthia. Despite her excitement, Cynthia had to refocus on completing the puzzles. Eventually, they solved the escape room, leading to Oliver getting down on one knee to propose. Along with the proposal, Oliver gifted Cynthia a mermaid pendant, a symbol from the game Stardew Valley used to signify the desire to marry someone. As a final touch, Oliver also presented a framed picture of them in the art style of Stardew Valley.


Cynthia and Oliver's wedding was truly enchanting and a sight to behold! The magical event unfolded at the picturesque Stone House in St. Charles, setting the stage for a day filled with love and joy. The venue's rustic and chic ambiance perfectly complemented the couple's vision, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for their special day. Every detail was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed, from the carefully chosen colors to the rich textures that adorned the space, all coming together to craft a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The love and happiness shared between Cynthia and Oliver radiated throughout the celebration, making it a truly unforgettable experience for all in attendance. The couple's dream day came to life in the most beautiful way possible, with each moment captured in stunning photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. As Cynthia and Oliver basked in the magic of the day, surrounded by their loved ones, they were able to savor every precious moment, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cynthia wore a gorgeous Maggie Sottero gown. Britney in a beautiful A-Line, ivory tulle. If the drape of the soft tulle skirt isn't enough to sell you on this amazing wedding dress, the neckline is a modern take on the classic sweetheart. Cynthia looked nothing less than incredible. The gown looked more than perfect, making their wedding album a real-life storybook.


Thank you to Cynthia and Oliver for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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