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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of DezMauri and Kareem

Congratulations to DezMauri and Kareem on their beautiful wedding! These two tied the knot in a chic, romantic ceremony at The Falls Reception and Conference Center. We are ecstatic to share their love story and perfect proposal with you!

"My experience with Mia Grace Bridal was amazing, from the staff to the

dresses. I found the dress of my dreams at a really nice price.” - DezMauri

Love Story

Tareem and DezMauri met at work. Their workplace romance was so adorable because it wasn't necessarily love at first sight. At the place where the couple works there is a high turnover rate. DezMauri was a new hire and Tareem was assigned as her trainer. Tareem thought that DezMauri wouldn't last and would be the next to quit. Little did he know DezMauri is tough and when she picks something she sticks to it.


Tareem's proposal was a total surprise to DezMauri in the beautiful landscape wine country. Tareem arranged to take DezMauri and her sisters to the winery and couple photo shoot because he knows how much she love it. The couple was doing a wine tasting when her sisters left to get some champagne. Little did DezMauri know the champagne was for her, as she would be soon celebrating her engagement! While the couple continued taking photos, DezMauri's sisters returned and as soon as they made their way to the couple Tareem dropped on one knee. DezMauri was confused until she saw her gorgeous engagement ring in her champagne glass. Tareem asked for DezMauri's hand and declared his unceasing love. DezMauri had never been so happy.


DezMauri and Tareem wanted their wedding to have a classic romantic feel to it. They decided to center around the forever rose from the classic fairy-tale "Beauty and the Beast". Darker colors are what DezMauri knew would look best to complement the ambiance. They also decided that red rose bouquets would make for the perfect decorative detail; obviously, they were not wrong! DezMauri’s dress was an incredible beaded lace fit-and-flair that fit her perfectly. Her gown was made by the incredible designers at Kitty Chen. Her train was gorgeous and made for amazing photos! The combination of DezMauri beaded lace dress, the color pallet of her party and the color of Tareem's suit balanced perfectly with the flower arrangement! Everything came together impeccably, and the wedding looked so elegant! DezMauri and Tareem's wedding was definitely one to remember. 


Thank you to DezMauri and Tareem for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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