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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Mandi and John

Congratulations to Mandi and John on their beautiful wedding. After falling in love in high school, these two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony.

“I brought sooooo many family members. Thank you so much for accommodating. [Mia Grace was the] first and only place I looked :)” - Mandi

Love Story

Mandi and John were high school sweethearts. Mandi knew that John was the one for her shortly after they began dating. It was “young love,” but it was special. Mandi knew she wanted to marry him. John proposed to Mandi on Thanksgiving, in front of their family. It was perfect and she said YES!


Mandi and John were supposed to get married 5/2/20 but due to Covid, they pushed it back to 7/18/20 hoping Covid numbers would be better by then. When they weren’t, they made the tough decision to drop the guest count significantly to only bridal party and immediate family.

The wedding was MUCH more special because Mandi and John were able to spend time with each wedding guest without feeling overwhelmed. It was very special and important to Mandi to make sure everyone that attended knew how thankful they were for them to be a part of their special day.

The most special part of the day for Mandi was walking down the aisle and when her dads handed her over to John. The first thing John said was, “you are amazing.” It was the most memorable moment Mandi will never forget.


Thank you to Mandi and John for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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