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Welcome Ellis to the Mia Grace Bridal Family

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering the Ellis Bridals line to all of our brides. This line is very special for two reasons. First, this gorgeous line of gowns comes to us from across the Pond! Established in 1912 in London, Ellis Bridals is a pioneer of premium British bridal wear. Ellis believes that a wedding dress is a labor of love, and that is it a once in a lifetime piece and one designed in girl’s childhood dreams. Every Ellis Bridals wedding dress is created to fulfill those fantasies while still keeping designs current, matching the desires of a modern bride. Second, Mia Grace Bridal is the exclusive retailer of Ellis Bridal in the greater St. Louis area!

Exquisite Craftsmanship of Ellis Bridal Gowns

Constantly taking inspiration from over 100 years of archives of fine embellishments and delicate bead work – each stage of their designs is carefully considered to ensure that every dress is as timeless and unique as the day you’ve always dream of. Everything they do from their in-house designs, the fabric they use to all that is elegant, beautiful and exclusive comes with a guarantee of exquisite attention to detail. Each season, Ellis finds the perfect balance between classic beauty and modern elegance in each of their designs.

Explore the first Ellis Bridals gowns to arrive at our store, and schedule an appointment to try on your favorite dresses today!

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