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Real Mia Grace Bride: Wedding of Sierra and Seth

Congratulations to Sierra and Seth on their beautiful wedding! These two tied the knot in a boho, romantic ceremony at Little Piney Lodge. We are ecstatic to share their love story and perfect proposal with you!

I enjoyed my time picking out my dress at Mia Grace. Diane helped grab dresses and did an excellent job finding ones I would like.” - Sierra

Love Story

Seth and Sierra went to high school together and started dating when they were sophomores. As many young couples do, they broke up their freshman year of college. While they were apart they began to notice how much they truly missed each other. Sierra discovered how deep her love for Seth really was in that time apart. The couple soon got back together after that and they have been together ever since. Fast forward to their wedding day, where Sierra and Seth have been together for ten years, with new company found in their beautiful three year old daughter.


Seth's proposal was a surprise to Sierra in the the beautiful landscape of Colorado. The couple was visiting the state for the wedding of their good friends. Before they arrived, Seth reached out to the couple and asked if they would approve of him proposing to Sierra the day before the wedding. The couple was ecstatic for Seth and Sierra, happily giving Seth their blessing to move forward with the proposal. Seth booked a photographer named Melia to capture the special moment, Melia was able to convince Sierra that as part of their friend's wedding package she is taking pictures of all the couples. Of course Seirra agrees to take some photos but little did she know Seth had a proposal all set up and ready to go!


Sierra wasn’t sure on a theme when she, and Seth, started planning the wedding. After looking at her inspiration photos, Sierra landed on the boho theme. Darker colors is what Sierra knew would look best to complement the natural fall ambiance. They also thought pampas grass would make for an incredible decorative detail; obviously, they were not wrong! Sierra’s dress was an incredible custom black and lacey A-line that fit her perfectly. Her gown was made by the incredible designers at Allure. The combination of Sierra's black dress, the color pallet of her party and the color of Seth's suit went perfectly with the flower arrangement! Everything came together impeccably and the wedding looked insane! With the smoke bombs in the autumn air, Sierra and Seth's wedding was definitely one to remember.


Thank you to Sierra and Seth for allowing all of us at Mia Grace Bridal to play a role in your special day. We wish you love and happiness as you begin the next chapter of your life together!


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